Uncompromising Commitment

Private Wealth Management

Wealth Management Services for Individual and Families

Since 1988 Welch Hornsby has been committed to building and protecting the wealth of individuals and families. Long-term success is our highest priority. First we listen.  When we understand our client’s objectives, we build a portfolio for them. In designing a portfolio we consider financial assets, cash flow needs, and any and all unique situations. We understand the difference between our clients who are building wealth and those living from the wealth they have built. Family dynamics can be unique and need navigation. Children must be educated about wealth. When clients are ready we implement strategies to meet their needs, we don’t just track the market. We develop strategies that outlast unfavorable, short-term cycles and enjoy modest success in favorable cycles. Communication is critical. We always want our clients to understand every decision we make on their behalf. We select money managers who employ investment styles that are complementary. In addition, we rely heavily on the capabilities of our diverse, experienced, and committed research team. Welch Hornsby takes an unbiased approach as we supervise the portfolio. We continuously review managers while keeping focused on the overall portfolio. Working directly with other fee-only professionals, such as CPAs and estate attorneys, Welch Hornsby fully integrates every limb of the client’s financial tree.


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