Uncompromising Commitment

Endowments & Foundations

Investment Advisory Services for Endowments and Foundations

Uncompromising Commitment is our mission. Since 1988 we have been living that mission, meeting the needs of foundations and endowments. We understand the key investment principles to successfully serve our institutional clients. Every entity is different. From a university endowment to a hospital foundation to a family’s private foundation, we create and design portfolios to meet specialized needs or other specific goals. At Welch Hornsby, we have a long history of working closely with investment committees, boards, and family members to craft comprehensible portfolio solutions to meet the entity’s unique needs. It begins with ensuring each member has a voice and then bringing the group to a common objective for the portfolio. We educate clients on the impact of a spending policy through ongoing cash flow analysis. Quarterly consolidated reports help measure success and bring the group together for regular and healthy exchange. Working together, we bring stability and strength to the organization.


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