Uncompromising Commitment


Our mission at Welch Hornsby is to build and preserve the wealth of our clients. We provide fee-only investment advisory services to High Net Worth individuals and families; to endowments and foundations; to corporate and municipal retirement plans; and to other institutional entities.


Our in-depth experience offers our clients relevant strategies for achieving their goals and navigating complex financial situations.

Our objectivity provides the assurance that our recommendations are aligned with our client’s investment goals and best interests. We are independent. This assures that we have no affiliations with other financial firms that could potentially influence our recommendations. We are fee-only, which enables us to avoid conflicts of interest by limiting our compensation to fees from our clients only. Our open architecture allows us to choose from the best managers in the investment industry when constructing client portfolios.

Yesterday’s solution may not always apply to tomorrow’s problems. At Welch Hornsby, our innovative approach seeks to deliver value in helping clients face today’s unique challenges and positioning their portfolios for long-term success.



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